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Crescent Beach Swim Club.mp4
Footage of the Crescent Beach Swim Club Regatta, filmed by Ralph Plant circa 1945.

1 photo. Ratcliffe, O'Malley, O'Callaghan, Zandstra, Radcliffe, and Montgomerie depicted.

MidWeek Update  Week 1.pdf
8 weekly eSeahorses, plus additional communications.

1998 Tennis court dance 25Aug (4).jpg
8 photos. Edworthy, Fahy, Barker, and others depicted

1994 Tennis Court Dance 23Aug Carwana Armstrong (1).jpg
Two photos. Carwana, Armstrong, Barker, Brooke and others depicted.

1999 Tennis Court Dance Kathleen and Sarah.jpg
12 photos. Edworthy, Walsh, Jacobsen, Armstrong, Dawson, Barker, Fahy, Lance, Hager and others depicted.

1998 Tennis Court Dance Sarah Alison Harry Kathleen.jpg
1 photo. Sarah Lance, Alison Armstrong, Harry Armstrong and Kathleen Lance
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