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2018 Coaches award Katrina Shinkaruk 1.jpg
5 photos. Katrina Shinkaruk wins the Coaches Award. Ruby Kramer wins the Shelly Shield.

23 photos. Kramer, Francoeur, Tepper, Messcu, Dumont, Zandstra, Montgomerie, Anderson, Funke, Hartshorne, Nelson, Fong, Phillips, Glanville, Cooke, Gibson, Rosette, Clendenin, Springate, Cox, Patterson-Ott, Turner, Lee, Bastien, Forrest, Twigg,…


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8 photos. Landolt, Montgomerie, Clendenin and others depicted. Kate Montgomerie announces Sid Landolt as the next president. Wendy Clendenin wins the Volunteer Recognition Award. Gwen Watson, Steve Lukas, Elizabeth-Anne Armstrong and Andrew…
This video includes interviews with past CBSC presidents (Duncan MacKenzie, Art Van Wart, Deborah Lukas, Bernie Fahy, and Jim Glanville), chairs of the Capital Campaign committee (Diana Maughan and Sid Landolt), and pool renovation developer Ted…

CBSC Online Enrolment June 8th 2020.pdf
Contains details regarding programming during the Covid 19 pandemic

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