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Larkin and others depicted

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Anders-1st Paddle Tennis Award 1986.jpg
Glanville and Nordby depicted

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1992 Tennis awards Larkin Gordon.jpg
Gordon and Larkin depicted

1990 Tennis Awards 25Aug (6).jpg
21 photos. Lex Vinson, Larkin, Risk, McGavin, Fergusson, Gordon, Fleck, Ratcliffe, Nordby, Davidson, Jenns, Stewart, Hager, Barker and others depicted.

1989 Tennis Awards 26Aug (2).jpg
19 photos. Hager, McCallum, Davidson, Larkin, McNeil, Zickler, Nordby, Fleck, Caplette, Gordon, Palombi and others depicted.

1987 Tennis Awards Larkin Sorenson  (2).jpg
Larkin and Sorensen depicted

1986 Tennis Awards 23Aug (2).jpg
14 photos, Ratcliffe, McCallum, Fergusson, Van Wart, Larkin, Jenns, McNeil, McDonald, Gifford and others depicted.

1983 Tennis Awards (1).jpg
Jamie Radcliffe, Eileen Mackenzie and others depicted
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